Monday, July 7, 2008

A Surprise Visit

Megan called me this morning to say that she & Denver were unexpectedly coming to Lexington this evening, so could I please bring Aiden up for a visit?! Kind of short notice, but for an aunt & uncle that live out of state, sacrifices must be made :) We arrived at my folks' house at about the time the Dills were crossing into Ohio, so Aiden was able to eat & get changed and relax for a bit. Then we headed to Buck's to meet everyone, including John & my grandparents. And that's when it happened--Aiden threw his first public fit. He would NOT stop yelling and crying for anything. I knew he was over-tired (his baby-sitter had warned me that he got his naps backwards today), but I just couldn't get him to calm down. Luckily, my mom came outside to help me, and we decided to open another bottle just to give him something else to concentrate on. Worked like a charm--after two ounces, he was fast asleep. Now we're back home and he's snoozing happily in his crib. Not bad for a Monday :)


  1. First time I knew Aiden had lungs! Ha! Good time, tho. Glad you made it up.

  2. Rachel has constant fits of fussiness, so I wouldn't worry too much about Aiden's first one at 4 months!
    I was hoping your story would have a twist to it -- like Megan and Denver are expecting! :) I am baby crazy!

  3. Just read Angie's comment... someday! :)

    Thanks again for bringing Aiden up on short notice!!!