Sunday, July 13, 2008

Four Months Old

I can only shake my head at this point--time is flying! I have a four-month-old baby, for crying out loud! Everyday just keeps getting better and better. Aiden is a blessing to Mike and I in ways I can't even describe (mostly in fear of sounding too cheesy). Poor Mr. Bibbly is looking a bit dwarfed now. That's pretty odd considering the tables were turned a short 3 months ago!

A few facts about our little guy at four months:
--By Mike's & my approximation (we'll find out actual numbers at his 4-month check-up on Tuesday), Aiden weighs about 14 lbs--no wonder my back starts to hurt after holding him for awhile!
--He's been sleeping through the night (we're talking 8-10 hour marathons here) for over a month now.
--Aiden is eating between 6 and 7 oz. every 4 hours; he really seems to like keeping to this schedule, and he's sure to scold us if we mess it up!
--We've been narrowing down his nicknames; we mostly call him Buddy and Monkey at this point.
--Believe it or not, this guy loves to "say" his name. When he's babbling away on his mat or in his bouncer, you'll inevitabley here him say "Aiden"--or at least what sounds like it--a few times. Sometimes he'll even repeat it when we say it first! Hopefully I can get a video of that soon.
--Speaking of videos, Aiden DEFINITELY knows when Mommy & Daddy have the video recorder or camera out; he'll be all smiles beforehand, but the super-serious once he sees a lens. Makes a lot of work for us to get smiles, but it's totally worth it.
--He becomes a total zombie if the TV is on while we're feeding him; it's gotten to the point that if the TV is on, he'll forget to eat even though the bottle is in his mouth! I'm looking forward to him having his own room in a month so we can eat TV-free.
--Aiden is already having a hard time fitting into his 3-month outfits (sniff sniff), but we're excited to try some of his other stuff on him soon. I swear the kid has more clothes that I do!

Besides the four vaccinations (shudder) he's supposed to get at his appointment on Tuesday, we're excited to talk to Dr. Brown about beginning cereal! OMG--real food! We're also going to ask him what his thoughts are on switching to an off-brand of formula, as the Similac is getting a bit costly. I don't want to sound like a cheapo-mom, but I know the ingredients in baby formulas are government-regulated, so I'm not about to put Aiden's well-being in jeopardy; it's just that we bought this new house, and then I go to Target and see a $12 difference between a can of Similac and a can of the Target formula, and when you buy up to four cans of formula a month--that's $48 back in my budget! Kind of makes my wallet moan. But we'll see what Dr. Brown says first.


  1. He looks so much like you in the third picture!

  2. Yes, like you in the third and fourth. First time I have seen you in him.