Monday, February 15, 2010

At least I already had the day off

It's snowing. AGAIN. Supposed to have another 7-9 inches by the time it's done late tonight. I swear, this crap is SERIOUSLY making Mike & I consider moving to a warmer area of the country. I'd put up with hotter summers to not have to worry about driving through snow in the winters. Ech.
The "good" news is that with it being President's Day, I already had the day off. So you think I'd stay home and lounge around, right? Not so lucky. We had our monthly playdate today, so Aiden & I headed over to the Woods' house just as the snow was getting started. We had a great time while there, but every small glance out the window just made me more & more nervous, so we ended up leaving early. Not early enough, it turns out, to avoid some pretty nasty roads. I can only imagine how rough they'll be when Mike's on his way home, so I definitely don't envy him that.
Looking forward to a greener landscape...someday soon...


  1. Dude I actually like driving in the snow. Keeps things interesting...