Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Things I Think I Think

1. Winter has just got to stop. Seriously. I need to see COLOR when I look out my front window instead of this vast blanket of white.

2. Mike & I need a date. Mimi, and thus our most trusted babysitter, has been in Florida this past week. She & Grandpa get back tonight, so maybe tomorrow Mike & I can sneak away for dinner--we've got a gift certificate to a new restaurant that is literally burning a hole in my pocket.

3. I have an awful lot of stuff to do in preparation for Aiden's 2nd birthday party--just two weeks from tomorrow! Standing in the way of those preparations is a trip to West Virginia that same weekend for Mike's CGAUX district meeting. It's gonna be a busy week.

4. I am SUPER excited for our next Mommy "Playdate"--Lawrene, Angie & I are all going to get pedicures and manicures next Saturday morning, and then grab a quick lunch. Some much needed girls-only time. :)

5. Looking forward to meeting a friend's new baby in a few weeks. I'm so excited for both Claire and Del--they're going to be great parents.

6. Still really pissed off about smashing my car door. Grrrrr....

7. I probably shouldn't mention this in fear of jinxing it, but Aiden has been eating SO MUCH BETTER in the past several weeks. I'd still like to see more going into that little body, but lately he's been ASKING for snacks, and he usually at least attempts (and eats a good portion of) meals instead of flat-out refusing them. Mike & I agree that he looks a little bigger, too, so it will be interesting to see the exact numbers at his two-year checkup in a few weeks.

8. I just experienced a major Mom Fail--as I was typing this, Aiden wiped out behind me, smashing his nose and upper lip on the floor. He was pretty shaken up, and actually, so was I--that's the largest amount of his blood I've ever seen, and that's gonna be one fat lip. SIGH.

9. Definitely missing football season. Weekends kinda suck this time of year.

10. I'm hungry. I need to go do something about that. Hopefully Mike will be home from the grocery store soon.


  1. Awww...Noah and I are trustworthy! We'd be happy to watch Aiden so you guys can have a grownup night. I can provide references if needed :)

  2. Hope the mommy date goes well...and the birthday party planning.

    Hope you get/got your date night, too. We very seldomly get those. We sometimes forget what it's like to go out without kids.