Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ear Infections and Bubble Baths

Yup, Aiden has his first ear infection, as a result of an especially nasty cold. He started coming down with it Sunday at my parents' house. He hasn't been interested in eating ANYTHING, which is especially frustrating to the mommy of a child who doesn't eat well to begin with. He's also had a horrible cough and a faucet of a runny nose, and by Tuesday morning, he had begun to pull at his left ear. Mike stayed home with him yesterday (BLESS him) since I had recently used quite a few sick days of my own and didn't want to appear as a slacker at work. We did take him to a lunchtime appointment with Dr. Brown, who assured us we had caught the infection early. So Aiden has his first presciption--we made it nearly 23 months without one!
Even though his two-month checkup is in about 7 weeks, we discussed a little of Aiden's developments. Dr. Brown seemed very happy that our little squirt had gained 2 pounds since his last checkup (I wanted to point out that was with his clothes on, but I kept my mouth shut), and said he's doing well with his own little growth curve. That helped lessen my worries a bit. He did say we should try to get more protein in his diet, which made me giggle because we have quite the little vegetarian on our hands. But I may have found the answer--dry-roasted edamame! One of my colleages sent some home with me, and Aiden LOVED them. Looks like we'll have to invest in some of those little soybeans.
I'm posting some photos of Aiden with one of his new loves--the bubble bath. Enjoy! :)


  1. Mmm... edamame... We like to buy it frozen and steam it with a little kosher salt... Very fun to pop the beans right out of the pod...

  2. I hope he's feeling better now.

    Izzy loved edamame..we haven't had any in a while. I should get some.