Monday, March 25, 2013

Finish a few more sentences...

Had a lot of fun with this linkup last time, so I'm back!
1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...wait a minute—calories count?! I’ve just solved the mystery of why all this baby weight hasn’t magically disappeared!!!
2. On my Prom night...I was working at the local ice cream shop. Not kidding. I had been asked to go to the prom by my crush, but I thought he was kidding since he was so much higher up the social ladder, and so I told him no in what I thought was an attempt to save myself some embarrassment. Turns out he was serious. C’est la vie. I’m perfectly happy with my life. 
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...diapers. You know—mommy and all.
4. Family functions typically...involve alcohol consumption of some sort. And yelling at the Buckeyes/Indians/Browns/Whichever Team Is Playing. And noise. SO. MUCH. GLORIOUS. NOISE. 
5. I think my blog readers... are the best!!! SMOOCHES!!!
6. I'd much rather be... hot than cold. You listening, Mother Nature? These 30-degree temperatures after spring has supposedly sprung are BS!!! I want sun and heat and all the outside activities that go with them! So make it happen!!!
7. I have an obsession with...Michael Weatherly, who plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS. He’s just so darn cute and funny—I go all teeny-bopper for him. It’s not very cool. I mean, really—I’m in my thirties and I have a shrine to him in my work cubicle. CLASSY.


8. My work friends...are my real-life friends! There are some weeks I see them more than my husband. I’m lucky to know some good people.
9. When I created my Facebook account...I thought it wouldn’t last long because MySpace was SO MUCH COOLER. Tells you how good my instinct is.
10. My least favorite word is...nipple! I HATE THAT WORD!
11. I really don't remember...where I put one of my favorite pairs of shoes (the patent red-leather heals with the bows that I Instagram-ed a few weeks ago?)!!! I can’t find them ANYWHERE. And it’s not like there’s any other women in my house who might have borrowed them, either. Totally mystified.
12. Justin NOT the inspiration for my youngest son’s name. Just wanted to clear up any confusion about THAT.


  1. thanks for coming back for round two! NIPPLE just so happens to be my favorite word..haha!

  2. Hahaha, nipple. I never thought about it but that word isn't my fave either.

  3. We could almost form a whole boob with our least favorite words...nipple and areola :)