Monday, March 18, 2013

My Week (61) in Instagram

Busy week!

Sunday 3/10/13: Ready to party down!!!

Sunday 3/10/13: Someone got a little wiped out at his brother's party :)

Tuesday 3/12/13: These bad boys are available at Costco again. RUN AND GET YOURS!!!

Tuesday 3/12/13: Makin' birthday cupcakes to take to preschool.

Wednesday 3/13/13: Brothers :)

Thursday 3/14/13: Spent a good part of the day at COSI
and finished up with a Shamrock Shake :)

Friday 3/15/13: Monkeying around at the Columbus Zoo.

 Friday 3/15/13: Every night when I ask him what he'd like for dinner,
Nolan responds "French fries!" Sometimes I give in :)

Saturday 3/16/13: Goofballs.

Sunday 3/17/13: Officially my new favorite St. Patty's Day shirt :)

Sunday 3/17/13: An Irish photo bomb, a la Aunt Abby :)

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