Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Week (62) in Instagram

 Monday 3/18/13: Power outage at work. Good times.
 Tuesday 3/19/13: Smiley guy :)

 Wednesday 3/20/13: Fun visit with Cousin Christy!
 Thursday 3/21/13: So much excitement at the grocery store. Good thing
I only needed a few items because there was LESS than no room in that cart.

Friday 3/22/13: Cuddling Smalls before work.

 Friday 3/22/13: Selling stickers for our March for Babies jeans week at work.
Abby is the PERFECT model.
Friday 3/22/13: He asked me to take a funny picture. So, yeah. :)

 Friday 3/22/13: Hasn't take a pacifier since he was just days old. 
Recently discovered his thumb.
Saturday 3/23/13: Nolan & Aiden both have probably eaten their weight
in Fruit Loops this week. It's the hot new meal in the Cotter house.

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