Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Week (60) in Instagram

Going back to single pictures--they're easier to see :)

Monday 3/4/2013: Haircut time with an extremely enthusiastic nearly-five-year-old.

Tuesday 3/5/13: My laundry-folding buddy. He looks SO. CHUBBY.

Wednesday 3/6/13: Winter came back for a day. All the snow is nearly gone already. Short stay :)

Friday 3/8/13: Pajama day at preschool--the rain boots were his own addition :) 

Friday 3/8/13: New bunk/trundle beds for the boys!!! LOVE these. Luckily, they do, too.

Saturday 3/9/13: Warm enough outside for an afternoon at the park!!! YAY SPRING!!!

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