Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Week (12) in Droid Photos

I need to do more posts than just these weekly photo updates! I've got a lot coming up, so I'll definitely be a little more prolific in the word department. Until then...

Saturday 10/1/11: Nolan's first taste of french fries--he's a fan.

Saturday 10/1/11: SHENANIGANS at Abby's bachelorette party :)

Sunday 10/2/11: Hangin' with Daddy :)

Monday 10/3/11: Happy Birthday to cousin Finnian!

Tuesday 10/4/11: Shoe shopping for our new walker :)

Wednesday 10/5/11: Bringing the outdoors in at work.

Thursday 10/6/11: Pancake dinner, complete with a little one for Nolan.
He actually ate half of it!

Friday 10/7/11: Friday date night with the hubster = Irish Nachos. YUMMO.

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