Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Week (14) in Droid Photos

Includes ACTUAL PHOTOS this week!!!

Saturday 10/15/11: Some of the party decorations. LOVE.

Sunday 10/16/11: Cake smash aftermath.

Monday 10/17/11: Norah stopped by. For some reason, this looks like one of the B&W photos
they do on NCIS before they go to a commercial. Just sayin'.

Tuesday 10/18/11: Birthday boy deserves another cake smash :)

Wednesday 10/19/11: The boys watching MMC--in Spanish. Stupid kitchen TV.

Thursday 10/20/11: Buddy looks a little freaky in the dark. :)

Friday 10/21/11: Stopped for a Mommy treat while the boys slept the entire ride home :)

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