Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a Game...

...and I was there. :)

I was checking out at the grocery store yesterday around lunchtime when I got a phone call from the bestest. She casually asked me if I'd like two tickets to see OSU take on Wisconsin that night. I thought (in the space of about a millisecond), do I really want to go see a probable loss, given what has transpired this season? But I put my doubt aside, made a few phone calls, and the plan was set--my brother & I would be going to the game.

We even got to tailgate a bit before the game!!! 

Met up with Angie to get our tickets. Love this chica. :)

Ohio Stadium doesn't see all that many night games, but they've picked up to at least one a season in recent years. And you know, I didn't think anything could top the USC game a few years back as far as atmosphere, but our fans were IN this game--no one in our section sat down, and we were all having a great time helping to "coach" the team (Fickell needed us, TRUST ME). My voice was gone before the 1st quarter even ended!

View from our seats.

It was a back-forth-battle, which was sooooooooo yummy, considering the Buckeyes hadn't been given much chance of a victory (obviously I was a bit of a doubter myself), but in the end, on a ridiculous touchdown pass with 20 seconds left, OSU secured the win. HOW INSANELY SATISFYING, considering "Bucky" ruined our perfect record last season.

Post-victory SHENANIGANS

It was a PERFECT evening. I'm going to be paying for it the next few days (sore throat, sore knees from the L-O-N-G walk to and from the stadium, and blistered hands from clapping), but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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  1. Woooooo such a good game! Braxton Miller is from my city and he is awesome