Monday, October 17, 2011

Nolan's First Birthday Party

What a day! I can't believe it's time to celebrate my baby turning one. Seriously. I feel like I blinked an eye, and the little munchkin went from a fresh, screaming newborn to a smiling, giggling toddler. But I'll save the rest of my reflection for tomorrow's birthday post.

With Nolan having a mid-October birthday, it was easy to choose a theme--Halloween! And truth be told, I started working on his decorations in June (what can I say--I like to plan ahead, and I didn't want to be staying up long nights finishing thing when it got close to party time). I went pretty simple--mostly paper decorations. And A LOT of pumpkins.

Borrowed Abby's Cricut. Must get Cricut.

Now that this decoration has served its purpose, I'm going to scrapbook those photos!

I LOVED the ghost suckers!!!

As part of the Halloween party, we asked if folks could come in costume. Most did, and no offense to anyone else, but I think the fam looked pretty sweet. :)

Paying homage to my nickname from my school days...

The Dynamic Duo. Rest easy, my friends--the world is safe. :)

(Continuing with my October Photo FAIL: You know, looking at the photos, I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't get a whole lot of the other party-goers. I guess that's what happens when your card is woefully small and you're trying to save space for some cake-smashing video. Apologies to all who attended if you didn't show up in this recap.)

After some yummy eats, we were off to open presents. Nolan didn't quite get it, but he did at least look at the items as Mommy pulled them from bags or ripped off the paper. Aiden was more than happy to help.

I have like 20 photos that look pretty much just like this, 
so we'll save some time and I'll just post one. You're welcome. :)

And then came cake time. It was EPIC.

Some focusing issues, but the intent is clear. :)

Another brilliant creation, a la Angie. :)

The Smash Cake



Love this one :)

And for those of you who would like to see the cake smash go down, take a peek below:

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  1. Haha! Finnian laughed at Nolan during the cake smash video :)